Bug Report - Hard Crash - Pasted / Selected Table Rows

Version: (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021


My goal was to import a column of excel spreadsheet data to scrivener. I copied the data in excel and pasted it into scrivener. It had one row I didn’t want (the header) so I deleted the table row. Then I went to select the rest of the data (single column, starting at the top) and it got toward the bottom and started slowing down, and then the whole scrivener program crashed hard without warning.

In this case there was no data loss (that I cared about anyway) since it had been quiescent for a while prior. Any changes I’d made were long since saved.

UPDATE: When I re-opened scrivener, the data I’d pasted was still there. I was able to select it as before without issue. I removed the table and was left with the text as I wanted-- and no crash.

But it’s a bug. If I can reproduce it, I’ll update this report.



Ugh. This was bug in version 1. I was hoping they fixed it in 3.

It might be a squirrely bug… it happened when I imported (pasted) the rows from excel, attempted to remove the table, and it crashed-- but the rows were still there when I restarted scrivener, and I was able to complete the operation with no apparent side effects.



I found it crashed when I was trying to change a table I had created in Scrivener. Sounds like it’s still a bit flaky.

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It sounds similar either way. In my version, the paste operation created the table.