Bug Report: ? Jumping to first page

I am working on a MacBook Pro, Apple Sonoma OS 14.2.1. And I’m having issues with Scrivener 3.3.6. This issue does not create a crash nor does it create an error report in Console.

I used to be able to click on a different application or on my desktop then return to Scrivener and continue working where I left off. Now when I click on anything outside of Scrivener, it jumps back to the first page of the document.

I can use the arrow keys and return key without issue. But if I click on my desktop or another application, then return to the Scrivener document, it jumps back to the first page of that document. If I click on the Scrivener format bar just above the text there is no issue. But if I click on the Scrivener menu, it also jumps back to the first page of the document.

It does not happen in any other application. I have not changed any settings in Scrivener but this has only been an issue since the last upgrade.

Clarification: The jump to first page also happens when I try to use any drop down list in the formatting bar at the top of the page. So if I click on font size or font or highlight, the drop down list appears, and my document jumps back to the first page. I can bold, underline, or italicize without issue.

Hi LynetteMB, and welcome to the forum.

When you’re encountering this issue with the Scrivener losing your place, are you viewing a long document in Scrivenings mode? Or are you in composition mode?

And, are you using typewriter scrolling in the project?

I ask because I’m on a Mac using macOS 14.3 and Scrivener 3.3.6, but I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue of Scrivener losing where my insertion point is in a document if I switch to another program or to my Desktop. I’d like to be sure I’m testing the same parameters you’re using.

Another item you might test is if this happens only in this project or if it occurs in several projects.

If you only have one Scrivener project, you might try opening Scrivener’s Interactive Tutorial from its Help menu. Scrivener will ask you to name the file and choose a save location for it. Since this is just a test, you can save it to your Desktop.

Then, you can repeat the steps that will cause the issue with the Tutorial to see if it affects more than one project.

Knowing that could help us narrow down what might be occurring so we can try to reproduce it in-house.

Thank you, Ruth. Losing where my insertion point is happens in 3 different projects that are each very large projects. Interestingly, it does not happen in smaller projects.
I am in composition mode when working on these projects. (I have never used Scrivenings mode.)
I am not using typewriter scrolling.
Your asking about long documents got me to thinking about the total size of these projects. All three are several years in the making. So, I checked the trash folder and discovered one project had 72 documents in the trash. I deleted those documents and it solved the problem in that project. The trash folder in the second project had only a half-dozen documents in it, but I deleted those and that project no longer loses the insertion point. The third project only had two items in the trash folder and deleting those documents did not solve the issue. However it is a huge project (more than 2000 pages).

For this third, huge project, I spit off the portion I need to work on into a new project and now that it’s a smaller project, I have no problem with the insertion point disappearing. So perhaps the problem is linked to the size of the Scrivener project?

Thank you. Problem resolved for me, for now.

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Thank you for the update on what you’ve found and the steps that corrected it. That’s good information, and I appreciate it.