Bug report, type size stuck, also wish list[NOTED]

Cannot enlarge new text from 8 point to 10 or 12 point. Using Beta 1.55 with Windows XP.

Here’s how the problem developed
While writing in a document, I copied a few words of text using highlight, Ctrl C, and Ctrl V into my scene. The copied text showed as 8 pt. I continued typing, and the next text also came as 8 pt. Then I highlighted the 8 pt text and tried to change it to 10. Nothing. Highlighted the whole paragraph, mixed 10 and 8 point and tried to change. Only the spacing after the parenthesis got larger, but the 8 pt type remained.

BTW, when I copied that text into this message, the formatting problem went away. It is something stuck in the Scrivener’s file only.

Wish list: ability to go in to see hidden codes that control formatting like typesize. If I could delete whatever code is stuck to that text… BTW, Notabene does have this option of shifting into Codes View, and it is very nice :slight_smile:




I will investigate this resizing issue.

As far as showing hidden characters in the text you can select VIEW->SHOW INVISIBLES.