*** BUG REPORTING: Please read before posting! ***

Note: if you reported a bug and my reply just linked to this thread, then you haven’t provided me with enough information to begin tracking down the bug. Please read the following and then post a new reply to your bug report with more information. (And please don’t be offended if I linked here - it’s just quicker and more helpful than me asking for specifics individually. :slight_smile: )

If you can’t be bothered to read the reast, please at least read this bit:


And now the details…

To make bug reports as useful as possible, I would be very grateful if you could adhere to the following guidelines when reporting bugs:

  1. Please only post Scrivener bug reports here - do not post Scrivener Gold bugs here Scrivener Gold bugs should be reported in the Scrivener Gold forum. (Scrivener Gold is no longer being updated, so there are no promises of bug fixes, I’m afraid.) Bugs pertaining to any beta versions you downloaded from the Beta Testing forum should be reported in replies to the relevant beta thread in the Beta Testing forum.

  2. When reporting a bug, please try to be as thorough as possible. Describe exactly how I can experience the bug myself. If I can’t find it, I can’t fix it. :slight_smile: Make sure you:

  • Say what you expect to happen.
  • Say what actually happens.
  • Describe EXACTLY how to reproduce the bug in clear language, preferably by providing numbered steps.
    It saves me a lot of time to be able to reproduce the bug straight away rather than having to ask users to reword their bug reports.
  1. When reporting a crash, please provide the crash log (you can find the crash log in your home folder in Library > Logs > CrashReporter), either by sending it to me directly (at support@literatureandlatte.com) or by copying its contents in your bug report on the forum.

  2. When reporting a crash, please do your best to provide the exact steps that I can take to recreate the crash. If it seems random, try to describe what you were doing when it happened. That, along with the crash log, may be enough to give me an idea of where the problem lies.

  3. If you are experiencing strange behaviour that does not result in a crash, there will be no relevant crash log. In this case, try opening Console.app (you can Spotlight for it), then make Scrivener repeat whatever strange behaviour you were experiencing. An error may get written out to Console.app (errors are usually written out in bold). If so, be sure to copy and paste the Console error in your bug report - this can often pinpoint the bug immediately.

  4. Please give meaningful subject titles to your posts. Creating a post with the title “bug” or “crash” is about as helpful when navigating the forum as labelling all of your boxes “box” when you move house.

Note on the text system: Scrivener uses the standard OS X text system, as showcased in TextEdit. Before posting bugs or suggestions for the text system (such as tables, bulleted lists, the way double- or triple-click works and so forth), please check the behaviour in TextEdit. If it is the same, this is out of my hands - text editing behaviour is programmed by Apple. I agree that some aspects are clunky, but the best way you can do anything about issues you find in TextEdit too is to post an enhancement request at bugreport.apple.com.

That’s it. I really appreciate all bug reports and am very grateful to the users who take the time to post them - you help to improve the program for everyone.

Thanks for your co-operation,

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Actually the main thing I need to know is just whether the user is on Intel or PPC. That way, if someone is using a PPC machine and I can’t track down the bug on my MacBook, I can try to track it on my iBook. Set up isn’t as big a factor on OS X as it is on Windows, because you don’t have to worry about all those nitpicky drivers and third-party installs etc.

I am still using PPC for all of my testing, and I’ve been unable to reproduce this bug.

Oops, I meant to reply to Lord Lightning’s post in the thread about the Corkboard problem - guess I’m more tired than I thought. :slight_smile:

And I was tired enough to respond as if nothing was amiss!

Sorry, I just noticed I posted this in the wrong place. This is the first I am writing anything into a forum…so please have a little patience with me.
I’ll try it again now.

There is something spooky about this thread.

In my most recent version (.022) install of Windows beta version, the find and replace function no longer works. I have tried every possible radio button choice within “find” window and still no joy.

There it is again.

This is the Mac bug-hunt forum; you’ll want to post in the Windows forum in future. :slight_smile: But in response to your issue, you should definitely download the new 023 Windows beta. That should fix the find/replace issue along with a couple other more serious bugs. Here’s a link to the download and instructions.

My replace function isn’t working either, though find seems a-okay. For what it’s worth, it used to work. All boxes checked, says “not found.” (I tried various iterations of caps and no caps, still no replace.)

Have you ensured that you are up to date with Scrivener? There was a bug introduced a while back that impacts certain older versions of OS X, but it has since been corrected. If you are using 2.5, then let us know which replace you are referring to. Is it the Project Replace feature, or the one in the standard pop-up Find window that works on the current editor?

using Scrivener 2.5 on Mac OS 10.9
And it is the Project Replace. When it didn’t work (several times, naturally, trying words that were before me in the document) I used Find, and that worked w/no problem. I didn’t have this problem in the last version of Scrivener.

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