bug reports- linking to urls

Bug report version 022

I tried adding this URL to scriviner

evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/0b … 22a78c70dc

Copying and pasting the url directly into scriviner worked fine, but hitting enter twice to make a new line didn’t stop the link continuing, and hitting unlink made the link go away, but text is still blue and underlined as I contue typing, I think it should reset to standard text when things are unlinked and preferably when someone starts a new paragraph.

There’s also another issue.

If instead of copying and pasting the link in, I select text, go edit - add link, and paste the url in, it simply does not work.

I’m taken to devices.com/www.evernote.com … 22a78c70dc

Instead of the proper url: its adding that devices thing in the front

I also got a strange message when trying to compile to PDF. At one point I got a pdf with the text “
Degaussing toolError! Hyperlink reference not valid. “

Other times it wasn’t able to even generate the pdf at all.