BUG: Ruler / cursor alignment / bullet list

Setting the indents for the cursor and ruler alignment doesn’t seem to apply to the whole document, even if it is all highlighted. Not sure if this is a bug or just that Scrivener isn’t designed for dynamic cursor and layouts like word is.

Essentially the issue is that the setting needs to be adjusted each time. This is particularly pertinent when using a bullet list that is indented further into the page.

Bullet lists don’t work in the Beta. I’m hoping they get fixed soon, but the whole list function whether bullets or numbered lists only works if you can live with left alignment, no indents and no sub-lists.

It’s really the only thing that really bothers me with the Beta, other than, as you mentioned in another post, the inability to wrap around an image. But, as you also mentioned, that doesn’t appear likely to be included any time soon. Since lists worked in 1.9x, I’m confident they’ll get them fixed soon in the beta. I think they did work in earlier betas, but then got broke.

Yes, currently list indentation is a known issue. Does this issue occur for you when not using lists as well?

Yes, though i did figure that by dragging the indents (the L Markers) off the ruler in formatting, applied to the whole project, I would then just need to amend manually for the bullet points.

All new documents seem to have been fine since i did this.

P.s sorry for the tardy response, only just saw your notification (forgot to subscribe to the post)