(BUG) Scrivener closes as I copy some text

I have a page from the Internet that I saved into the “Research” folder in a project. I open that page in the Research folder and I highlight some text and copy it (from the context menu). Then, when I try to move back to my Draft document, Scrivener just closes. When I reopen Scrivener I’m in the Research folder with the document opened. I close it and go the the Draft document I was working on and I then paste the saved text. Everything is OK then.
I tried that few times and got that problem every time.
All that is happening in Srivener in the iOS version on my iPad.


You say you can get it to happen every time? Would you mind zipping up the project and sending it to us at ios.support AT literatureandlatte.com? I’d love to take a look so that I can reproduce it and see what is going on.

You can zip up and send the project to us directly from the iOS version by tapping the “Edit” button in the projects list, selecting the project, and tapping on the share icon in the footer bar.

If you don’t want us to see the content of the project, you could always make a duplicate of the project and delete other documents in the duplicate, and send us that.


Hello Keith,
As requested I sent you a Zip file with an example of my problem. I received an automatic reply on July 25. Since then, nothing… :frowning:
Any idea of what is happening ?


Hi Robert,

I’m extremely sorry about this. I just checked our support system, and your email is indeed there, and it even seems that Astrid tagged it for my attention. Somehow, though, it didn’t come through to my email account, or (more likely) it got dropped off into “Old Messages” almost immediately because of the hundreds of emails I received in the first week after the release and I missed it. Either way, I apologise that you have been left hanging so long.

Many thanks for sending the project. Unfortunately, I have so far been unable to reproduce the problem. I have tried copying paragraphs from all five PDF files in the Research folder of the project you sent into text documents in the Draft folder, and going back and forth, and at no point did it crash.

What device is this on (in case that makes a difference)? And is this on iOS 9 (and not a beta of iOS 10)?

I’m on holiday from tomorrow, but will pass on your email to Ioa so that he can help try and reproduce the issue while I’m away, so that you aren’t left waiting any longer.

All the best,