[BUG] Scrivener wouldn't open

I had just saved my project, closed Scrivener, the auto backup on close worked fine. Then I remembered something and tried to open it again.

I got the ‘trial version until April’ splash panel, clicked OK, watched Scrivener do its thing, tell me it was opening my project, and then… POOF. Gone.

I tried a couple of times, running it from my task bar, running it from the Windows Start button. I restarted Windows, tried again. Poof, poof, and poof.

So, I renamed the project folder that Scrivener couldn’t find it, started it again, it protested, then finally opened to the generic start screen. From there I opened an existing project, chose the one I’d just renamed, and it opened fine. I saved it to a new name (I just change the date I always put in the filename at certain points) and all seems well now.

Until the next time? It would really suck to lose my work because of a File Open-level glitch in the program.

In the meantime is there any way I can save a version copy of my project periodically so that I can open it with the old Scrivener if all goes to horse puckey in a hand basket?

The only way I know of to save as v2 compatible is via the Mac v3, which gives you the option to export to v2.

If this occurs again I suggest checking your task manager to make sure a copy of Scrivener isn’t already running, and if it is, using end program before trying to open it again.

Did that, Scrivener was not running, which is why I resorted to more drastic measures…

Ran into the same issue this evening, After working in Scriv earlier it now won’t open. Reboots and task manager searching didn’t help. I tried running the program as admin and that didn’t do anything either. Running the compatibility troubleshooter offered the suggestion that I try and open Scrivener in compatibility mode for Windows 8…

Which did the trick, weirdly.

Not sure what’s going on there, but I’ve left that box checked for now.

Yeah, happened again this morning. Your compatibility suggestion got it working, thanks. Not sure what’s up with that.

No, but…

Make a copy of your v3 project.

Try opening that with 1.9.9 and see what happens. I just tried it on the 3.0 tutorial project, and it worked.

Loading a v3 project into Scrivener v1.9.9 is not possible. A project version downgrade is needed, which is available only under Scrivener for Mac at the moment.

Could have sworn that’s what I did right before I posted. Yup. Tells me it’s in a prior version of Scrivener, it’ll save a copy, and then imports it. But it doesn’t do it with all the projects I try it on. But some of them it does.

I am curious to see a v3 projects which loads in Scrivener v1.9.9.0. If you find such a project, please let me know. :wink: