Bug: Search Bar Broken

In the newest RC for Scrivener, one of my projects is suffering from an inability to search through my documents for almost anything. It is a fiction project that originally used the default Fiction template from Scrivener and nothing at all will show up from the “Draft” section. The only results I can manage are in folders outside the “Draft” section by searching single letters-- “a,” “c,” “d,” and “e” among other letters will have certain pages show up in the results, even though nothing will be highlighted when I click them. Most letters do not have any results no matter what, and no combination or two or more letters will either.

This is a small project at only 1.6 MB in size and not many files. I do not know when the error started happening but I do recall using the search function just fine earlier. I created this file before RC 12, the same with all other projects. As far as I have looked at my other projects, all of them function just fine regardless of size or amount of recent activity, so it is only this one project.

I also have a graphical glitch with the text cursor editor that has only appeared thus far on this project and only on some pages; should I report that bug in a separate thread or will here suffice?

EDIT: The new RC 13 just released and I just updated. Nothing has changed.

Another one of my projects has this bug, created after the newest Release Candidate 16. So far this has only occurred with the smaller projects I create, but if it ever occurs with a longer project, it will be a very serious issue.

Try File > “Save And Rebuild Search Indexes” and try Search Bar one more time.

This does not fix the issue. I have created three project files since November and all three have non-functional search bars, and re-indexing did not fix them.

One culprit may be that all three came from a template sheet I created in an earlier beta. Projects I created with the template before don’t have the issue, but these most recent three all have. Further research creating projects with the default templates did not seem to show any search bar errors, so it is most likely something to do with the template; unfortunately I have zero technical expertise to go any further than that.

Could you please create a copy of your project, leave 3 documents inside, replace the text with some dummy text, zip the project folder into a ZIP/RAR archive and upload it here for testing. Please, upload also a video of the steps you do, so that we are sure we are testing the same functionality and steps. Thanks!