Bug: Search index error and lost file

Version: Beta (415053) 64-bit - 21 Dec 2018
Saved in a synced location (but the last time it was open there was no internet so the files did not sync upon closing)
Running BitDefender

When I reopened my project today, an error message popped up saying Scrivener was unable to load the search index due to nonstandard characters or something like that (I’m sorry I didn’t get a copy of the error message), and then the file I was working on was wiped clean.

The only nonstandard characters I have are a few accented e’s, and none recently, and none in the wiped out file.

This has happened to me twice, once about a month ago before the most recent version (I had problems creating an account when I wanted to report and then forgot about it) and once tonight. Both times it happened when reopening Scrivener after my laptop shut itself down while sleeping (reason unknown). Both times it went down exactly the same way. The notes for the file are still there, but the file itself is gone.

If you need me to send the project or if you need more information, please let me know.

Hi pretendsherlock,

Welcome to the forum.

What you’re experiencing sounds like the result of project corruption due to incomplete syncing, as well as not closing Scrivener properly. This sort of thing could just as well have happened with the current production version (Win 1.9) of Scrivener if you don’t sync it or close it properly. In other words, it’s not a bug or an issue that L&L can fix; you need to change your processes.

To prevent this in the future:

  • Always make sure your cloud provider fully syncs your project after you’ve closed Scrivener.
  • Always make sure your cloud provider fully syncs your project before you open Scrivener.
  • If you’re working in a situation where the internet is iffy and erratic, it’s better to turn your syncing off and work locally, and only turn syncing back on when your internet connection is stable again.
  • Close your project before putting your PC to sleep, particularly if your PC has a tendency to shutdown unexpectedly. Or at the very least take a manual zipped backup of your open project(s) before you put the PC to sleep, so if your PC craps out you have something to fall back to.