Bug? Select "Next in same style" after selecting a word selects the entire document.

As stated in the title. If I select a word, using Edit | Select | “Next in same style” selects the entire document when the document is all in that style. Repeating the command selects nothing (returns to a blinking cursor).

If I change the style of a paragraph, and I put the cursor in the para right before the paragraph of a different style, that para where the cursor is will be selected by this command. If I put the cursor in the para 2 paras prior (so, para 5, para 6, changed style para), the entire portion of the document before the changed paragraph will be selected by this command. Repeating the command does NOT skip over the changed paragraph and select the actual next paragraph in the same style.

If I add a second changed paragraph, with a no style para in between it and the first changed paragraph, the “Next in same style” seems to work correctly. If I delete that second changed para, or change it back to no style, again, the behavior seems to be correct.

BUT… it’s not consistent. I change to a different document, try the same thing, and “Next in same style” selects all the paragraphs between the original cursor para and the changed-style paragraph (which is not quite what “Next” means).

This seems odd. I don’t know if it’s misbehaving, but it seems odd.