Bug: Session Reset Options after iOS use

Version: Beta (876128)

I’ve noticed this issue for at least the last couple versions. My general workflow bounces between writing at my desktop (Windows) and my iPad (iOS). I diligently track my word counts each day, and opt to have my session counter NEVER automatically reset.

When opening the Windows file after having it open on the iPad, the Reset Session Count CHANGES to: “At a set time each day”. Further, when this option is changed back to “Never”, it will reset the active session to zero.

Steps to reproduce …

  • Open in Windows. Ensure Reset session count = “Never”
  • Close & sync
  • Write in iOS (500 words)
  • Close & sync
  • Open in Windows
  • Session Counter = 500 words; Reset session count = “At set time each day”
  • Change Reset session count = “Never”
  • Session Counter = 0

These may be 2 bugs, or perhaps the latter option is working as intended (which would be an annoying way to handle it, but understandable).

Thanks for all the work you guys have been doing! This beta has improved SO MUCH over the last 12 months. Really grateful to be able to use Scrivener on my Windows desktop comfortably again and grateful to help in the development!