BUG: Small caps don't scale with zoom level.

I used a relatively large font so the problem is more easily seen. It does this with all sizes of font, however. Document view. Using lower left corner to set the zoom.

In zoomed documents, small caps are not the right size.

100% zoom, 24 pt (no issues; this is how it should look at all zooms, except scaled):

200% zoom, 24 pt (problem begins to show):

50% zoom helps show what’s going on:

The same text is used in all three zoom levels. At 50%, the small cap letters are larger than the normal cap letters – it’s obvious they’re not affected by the zoom level.

I think 1 bug:
Small caps don’t scale with document zoom level.

Has been reported in the past, but not yet listed as fixed, so presumably will get done at some point.