BUG - "Stop Talking" Doesn't Stop Talking

Version: Beta (1175332) 64-bit - 19 Jan 2021

When I use the “Start Talking” feature, “Stop Talking” doesn’t stop the talking. Instead, I get one of those circular blue cursors (of the type that means the program is busy and if you mess with it more, it’ll probably give you a white screen and crash).

UPDATE-- MANY minutes later, (MANY minutes)-- it eventually stopped talking.

(BTW - MANY KUDOS for supporting Amazon Polly voices!! You guys rock!! )

Replying just to you subject title, it sounds exactly like IRL.

It also sounds like the quirky windows SAPI / Speech SDK issues ;-)

If any Scrivener Dev folks are reading, the Freda e-reader software does a very good job at handling “Read Aloud” functions. ( Available here: turnipsoft.co.uk/freda/ ). I have no affiliation with it, just like it a lot.

I’ve talked to the developer of Freda several times-- his name’s Jim Chapman and he’s a really nice guy-- and he’s discussed some of the issues/concerns in programming the read-aloud feature to get it working well. If you have any interest, why not check it out, and/or drop him a line via his forum and see what/how he goes about doing it so smoothly.

Thanks for this iem. I had not noticed the Start Speaking function so I tried it out. It works well and even gives a choice (limited) of voices.
I’m afraid I can’t agree with your premise. On my machine, it starts and stops pretty well instantaneously and the keyboard shortcuts work fine too.

Which computer voice are you using?