Bug? Styles don't apply text size even when include font size selected -Document Specific -

I’m not sure its a bug, or if I’m missing something, but I’ve created a style and am trying to apply it to text, but it doesnt seem to be getting applied properly, My copied & pasted text is still obnoxiously oversized, shows up as “no style” but the font does change. Is there something I can go hunting for to fix this, or is this a share the doc. kind of thing?
Styles seem to work as expected in a blank document.
Using Beta V., 64bit

Hi Silverowan,

I need some more information to figure out what’s going on with your project. Where did you copy the text from, and what type of style are you applying (char, paragraph, paragraph and character)?

Does applying other styles affect the text correctly? Is it just your style that doesn’t work, or is the issue that the text will not accept any style at all?

This should be fixed in Beta 40.