BUG: Styles formatting resetting and not carrying over when using a project via sync with mobile on i(pad)OS and windows

I don’t know if this has been reported yet, but there is a major problem with formatting when using windows scrivener with scrivener for iOS. When I opened up my project (created on ipad) on windows, no styles were applied, but the text more or less looked as it should based off the styles set up on the ipad. I then made changes to the word version, and applied the same styles as what I had on the ipad (manually setting the styles for the various headers/body text), synced, and closed the project. Then, when I opened it on the ipad, the formatting no longer matched anything I had set up on either device—it changed everything to courier (bleh) away from baskerville. For the most part, header 1’s remained header 1’s, titles title, body text, body text, etc. and the font size and spacing remained the same except the font was courier and the lists (numbered and bullet) formatting was way off and I had to reapply that style completely.