[BUG] - Styles not imported

When the new beta imported my document from the current version, it failed to import any of the styles I had created, so I am now having to manually go through and set all the line spacing, indentations etc. – but also, neither the old version nor the new beta picks up the actual bullets in a style, so I can create a bullet or numbered list style, but it wont populate the actual bullets or numbers, and it also doesn’t seem to like the way I had done the indentations under bulletted or numbered lists, it certainly doesn’t do a good job of allowing me to create further indented bullet points under a lesser indented bullet point ( as I mentioned in another post ) – ie: if I hit enter after a bullet to create a new bullet on the next line, then hit tab, it should indent further to the right, but it doesn’t … which I am guessing is another problem associated with importing list styles, that it hasn’t carried over the tabs/indentations …

ALSO in the new beta, I no longer have access to both line spacing and tab/indentation information in the same window, and while I can appreciate there may be reasons for this design choice, it’s not very handy to have them in completely different windows when you are trying to create or modify a style. The ideal scenario would be if it worked the way Adobe does, where every single panel can be docked in a group with any other panel, and that way i can put them beside each other in a group relating to fonts spacing indentation and styles, and float that grouped dock around as one thing, or dock it to an edge of the interface … that kind of thing

Bullets are not completely functional. In a converted document, particularly, they behave oddly, so I suggest not converting old documents that way if you can avoid it. In a new document, they behave a little bit better, but they’re still not fully functional.

Not sure what you mean by this. Ctrl-Shift-R should show the ruler (or View → Text Editing → Ruler), and with the drop down for line spacing, that puts both of them in the same window – the main editor. If you want to put in leading (points of space above/below the paragraphs), you need to click on “more…” in the line-spacing dropdown, and that opens a pop-up right over the main editor, but the information is all there in front of you.

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the issue?

What I mean is that in the old 1.9 version, the same settings window deals with both line spacing AND indentations, but in the new beta, there are 2 separate settings windows, one dealing with line-spacing, and the other dealing with tabs and indentations … which makes it an extra few steps, because you have to open one of those settings windows, then open the other one, and I just think this would be better if they either remained as a single settings window for both sets of options, OR if you could group the two windows as tabs ( just like Adobe applications let you do, by allowing any grouping of any settings in a floatable and dockable “panel”, where each settings window becomes a tab in that panel group.