[BUG] Tabbing after Typing/Insert

I’m trying to customise the script setting for Stage Play (UK), but it keeps breaking.

The character & dialogue element of Stage Play (UK) - when you hit tab - inserts a colon, then a tab that goes to 1.6" on the ruler. If I remove the colon, the tab only goes to 1.1" on the ruler. Additionally, if I copy the command and paste it in another element, it only goes to 1.1". The only way to get the 1.6" again is to restart the script settings with Stage Play (UK), but then it still inserts the colon before going to 1.6" and if that colon is removed it only goes to 1.1".

(UPDATE: It actually stops working if you change the setting in anyway)

Is anybody able to advise me on how to recreate this effect (making tabbing after typing/insert go to a predetermined point on the ruler e.g. 1.6") for a custom script setting?

Thank you in advance,

UPDATE: All my tabs now indent to 1.1", even though I’ve set the script settings to 1.6" and I’ve pinned the left indent on the ruler at 1.6".

Why can I not customise the first tab length in Scriptwriting mode?

UPDATE: Things like ‘Ruler Snap’ work when in general text, but the minute I’m in scriptwriting mode, the tabs go back to being limited to 1.1"

Check the “Paragraph” group and the options inside “First Tab:”, “Default Tab Interval”, “Minimum number of tabs:”.
You may also try “Font” group “Style to:” options.

Hiya, thank you for your suggestion.

I’ve tried everything I think I can in the paragraph group, front and style to: too. I can’t find an option to say “Default Tab Interval” or “minimum number of tabs”? Where are those options - they don’t appear in the paragraph section (see photo).

Sorry, just spotted that your screenshot is from Scrivener v1, this forum is about Scrivener v3 testing. Using ‘First Tab” in your case is the only option or adjusting the default Paragraph formatting, which includes the tabs.

Ah right! My bad. What thread would be better to put my question?

Also, I’m still wondering despite this - why does it work in the Stage Play (UK) formatting, but not when I do it custom in the script setting?