BUG: Targets/Daily Word Counts - Beta Version: Beta (779281) 64-bit - 20 Dec 2019

I’ve come across this happening in the latest release.

Every day I make a note of my new minimum word target, but suddenly this has randomly started to change midway through the day with no reset requested. In the writing history it shows a completely different daily target.


Original Targets vs Writing History
1st Jan: 817 vs 793
2nd Jan: 811 vs 789
3rd Jan: 790 vs 772
4th Jan: 772 vs 772
5th Jan: 833 vs 833
6th Jan: 832 vs 787
7th Jan: 807 vs 775
8th Jan: 775 vs 775

I noticed the change in the daily word count yesterday as I was actually looking at it when it happened (jumping down from 807 to 775). I will keep you posted.

I also check the calculation every night before I log off (and it resets itself) to see what my count will be the next day. I have to say it is often wrong (yes I deduct the day that I’m currently on first before doing the calculation of remaining word count divided by days).

In addition to this, my word count today jumped from 449 words to 898 words (doubling it) without my doing anything other than switching from full screen mode to desktop mode (don’t know what else to call it). This is the first time it has happened (I hope!) but thought I would mention it.

Just to add: If I reset it in the day (as I have just done to clear the wrong word count) I have discovered it has increased my word count for today (from 775 to 784. This makes no sense as I have added words, and the day is still going, this should reduce my word count below 775 not increase it.

Experienced the random increase of the world count again this evening. I had closed Scrivener earlier and reopened it. I was on 778 of 802. I hit the space bar and the target notification flashes up, which I knew wasn’t right because I hadn’t written anything and had literally just checked my progress! Low and behold it says that I’ve now written 1524 of 802. This is not double as it was the other day, but isn’t far off.

So definitely not a one off.

ETA: My total word count has not increased - that shows the addition of only 778 words.