Bug? The "Bold" function acting weird?

I don’t know if this is a bug or not. I’ve been using 1.6 on my netbook today and bolding words seemed “sticky”. I’d bold a word, move the curor to make changes to another portion of the script (not in scriptwriting mode btw) and return the cursor to where I was, start typing and the words are bolded. I thought it was just a bouncing bus and a small keyboard. Now that I’m home, I’m seeing the same behavior on my desktop.
I may have ignored this behavior in previous builds if it’s always been like this (it wouldn’t surprise me - when I’m in writing mode the scut work of putting words on paper is being controlled by a different portion of my brain than the one that’s doing the heavy lifting).


This is something I noticed too (it has begun with Beta 1.55), as well with italics as with bold and underline.

When using “ctrl+b (or i or u)”, the button on the toolbar remains in its position.

That means that to get it to behave as I wish, I sometimes have to press “ctrl+b (or i or u)” up to 3 or 4 times.

When the cursor is close to a word in bold, underline or italics, the format is kept by Scrivener.
To type regular text, I have to turn this off, but it doesn’t respond immediately. (This happens only when the cursor has been moved to another place in between.)

In some cases, I can see that the button does not react.
In others, the button seems to be [or or off] but isn’t.