BUG: Total Word count: Version: Beta (818046) 64-bit - 28 Jan 2020

I know I’ve mentioned the daily word counts/targets (as per here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/word-count-targets-2-9-0-36-beta-818046-64-bit/48738/1) but today I noticed something odd that I thought was happening, but I couldn’t prove initially.

My document word count is … off. I’m not sure if it’s not counting correctly or what, but lately at the end of each day I’ve been writing down the total word count of my target (xxxx/80,000) and I’ve been noticing that it isn’t always tallying with the words I’ve added.

For example, on Friday night I finished with 63,303 / 80,000 words. I added a total of 1,630 words yesterday and I only add words, no deletions. So 63,303 + 1,630 = 64,933. When I opened up Scriv today it says my total words are 64,366! This gives me a loss of 626 words.

This isn’t the only time the word count has gone strange: On Wednesday I finished the day on 60,256, Thursday I added 2,436 words, and I got the word count 63,299, when it should have been 62,692.

When I’ve calculated these weird changes, the word count difference today now evens them out. But it’s taken four days for it to effectively correct itself.

All in all, at the moment, I can’t trust the daily word counts/targets, nor the total word counts of the documents. As someone who works in a target driven way, this is really frustrating and annoying.