Bug Tracking Suggestions for the Long Haul

First of all: as impressed and in love as I am with the Windows version of Scrivener, I’m almost as impressed and in adoration ( :wink: ) of the bug hunt community and Lee, with all their hard work and contributions. Lee, in my book, has earned Uber-Super-Hero status. :smiley:

That said, I’m posting this feedback here instead of the bug hunt subforum because I didn’t want to overload more than it already is–and this isn’t a bug report anyway–but I was thinking: it looks like we’re in for a long haul between now and the glorious official release of a commercial ready product. So, I was wondering: does the development/support team have plans to put in a place a proper Bug Tracking system… maybe post-November/NaNo?

As awesome as the beta testers and the forum community has been, I can’t imagine how I would keep track of all the bugs in a forum format as it is right now. I’ve conducted beta tests before, and in a control test group, there’s already a ton of work involved reading through all the bugs, consolidating them, clarifying them, and verifying them–all of this even BEFORE I can get down the actual debugging and fixing.

I’m not sure how feasible it is right now to set up a bug system in the middle of the testing (and fixing) period and subsequently change the current bug reporting process for everyone, but I thought I’d just throw it out there. There are a bunch of free web apps that don’t take too much effort to set up: BugTracker.NET (mantisbt.org/ - php-based).

Anyway, just a thought!

Hi Scribbles - Lee’s been writing about this in in his daily update and it’s at the front of his mind, firstly as a way of prioritising which bugs are most annoying for users and also, like you say, as a way of making sure none get left behind. Actually, there was something in yesterday’s post:


So you might be best posting this there, also, to make sure he checks it - your post is very timely, as are your suggestions of how to implement it. Many thanks.

No problem. I’ll go do that right now, thanks! :slight_smile: