Bug tracking?

This is more of a process suggestion than anything for the product, but it’d be awfully nice if you were using a public-facing bug tracker to accept bug reports. It’d make it a lot easier for us to follow progress on our individual pet issues, without worrying about whether they’ve been forgotten about.

Like for example, if I had ticket numbers for the various problems I’ve reported, I’d be able to check quite directly to find out whether they were supposed to have been fixed in 0.2.9, and I wouldn’t feel an urge to re-report them just to make sure you haven’t forgotten. :wink:

I mean, I assume you have some sort of list or tool you use to keep track of the bugs, I’m just saying that if you used one that gave customers a place they could go back to check on the status, then they wouldn’t need to tie up your resources reading forum posts asking about the status or repeating the same bug - in the worst case, you just say, “Oh yeah, that’s bug #1234, here’s the link where you can go to sign up for status updates. As you can see, it’s not on the target list for the next two releases, but it’s definitely still on our list, and we won’t forget.”

Anyway, that feedback aside, Scrivener for Windows is already damn impressive, and I can’t wait to actually pay you for it.

I’d like to give this idea a hearty “thumbs up.”

There are many open source bug trackers that could be used. All of us software engineers have used our share of various ones over the years. Just pick your poison, L&L, and all of us Scrivener users will be a little more organized and a lot more informed about bugs and bug status.

Hear hear! This is, after all, a “best practice.”

I don’t imagine such a facility will stop message-board discussions about known bugs–nor would that be the point–but it certainly will boost customer satisfaction that there is a way to track bugs other than by nagging.

For instance, none of the problems I’ve reported, as far as I can tell, are listed in the 0.2.9 Beta release notes as fixed, working on, or even planned. At present your bug tracking process remains somewhat murky.

Some attempt has been made informally in the past, by, for instance, marking the subject as [LOGGED], but ultimately that would create more work than it would solve.

I suspect that this was an issue that has been discussed internally before and shelved. I think it would be a good idea to revisit that discussion.