Bug: Unable to change/apply labels

Windows 10. Scrivener version Beta (723513) 64-bit - 25 Oct 2019.

I am unable to change existing custom labels (which I added while working in an earlier version of Scrivener) or to add labels to documents that have none.

Working from a new, blank Scrivener project, I make the Inspector visible and open up “Project Settings” from the ellipses menu next to “Custom Metadata.” Under “Label,” I click on any of the default custom labels (red, yellow, etc.), hit “Okay,” and nothing happens. No label is registered.

In the existing project I have that already has labels added, the labels do show up in the binder/icons, but I am unable to change them.

Edit: I realized I am also unable to change/add the “Status.” Additionally, for existing projects where I already have added statuses/labels, when I open the status/label page (in “Project Settings”) each is marked as having “No Label”/“No Status,” despite the label/status color still displaying in the binder and on the corkboard.

Hi laurpr2,

You can assign labels to specific documents using the label dropdown visible in the footer of the inspector. The Project Settings window is where you can add or delete which labels are available for the project. The same with Status.

I hope this helps!