Bug: Version: Beta (1183694) Can Only Change Icons Once

I don’t know if this happened in previous betas because I hadn’t changed icons in the previous beta versions. However, in the current beta (Version: Beta (1183694)), I can change the icon on anything in the Binder once. After that, the Change Icon is blank and nothing happens when you click it.

Screenshot attached if I did it correctly. The only way to get the Change Icons back seems to be completely closing the program and still, you can only change one icon before it goes away again.


It’s even worse than I thought. I just discovered you don’t even have to click on Change Icon the first time for this to happen. The little triangle for the Icon list goes away as soon as you right-click on anything in the Binder. After that first time right-clicking, you can no longer access the Icons list to change them. The list is not available anymore unless you close Scrivener and load it again!

  1. As this concerns the v. 3 Beta, post in the Beta Testing forum.

  2. https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh4833-rc16-cant-change-document-icon-icon-submenu-triangle-missing-in-main-menu-bar-and-binder-submenu/94364/1