Bug: Version: Beta - Project Target Word Count doesn't update. Files marked as "Include in Compile" don't show

I started a new Scrivener project today, and I found an annoying glitch.

I went to the Project tab and clicked on “Project” targets. I set my overall target and session target, as usual. The problem is that while the session target seems to be working, the Project Target doesn’t move from 0 words.
I don’t have the options “Count currently compile group only” or “Only count documents set to be included in compile” marked, so I don’t believe it has to do with that.
Regardless, I went ahead and marked the files I wanted to be counted in Compile and then went to File>Compile. The files marked don’t show there in an organized little list like they do on Scrivener 1. The only file that does show is the one I’m working at the moment. Not even selecting different scenes with CTRL+Click and going to compile only current selection does it show.
Even then, when I mark the options “Count currently compile group only” or “Only count documents set to be included in compile”, it doesn’t update the word count of the Project Target. It just doesn’t move from 0.

Today I updated to version, and the bug still persists. No matter what I do and how many tweaks I do on different settings, the total Draft Target doesn’t move from 0 words. The only one that works is the Session Target, where words actually register the more I write.

I’m having the same issue in one of my projects. All of my other projects are unaffected.

It sounds like your project may be set to compile “Current Selection” rather than the full Draft folder. You should be able to check and switch this from the dropdown at the top of the compile contents list in the Compile window. Changing that dropdown should update the contents list so that you see the container’s items, along with the checkbox for whether or not the individual items are to be included when compiling that group.

That said, given the project targets weren’t set to be limited to the compile group, changing that isn’t likely to affect your target count. Could it be that the items you’re working on are not currently within the Draft folder? (If you started this project from a template, that folder may be called Manuscript or something else, but the icon will probably be the same, white with a blue left edge.) The Draft target only counts items within that folder, so if your documents were actually up a level or in a different root folder, they’d be ignored there but still counted toward the session target. That would also affect the contents list in compile, if you had the Draft folder selected in the dropdown but didn’t see any items within the list.


Putting every folder and the scenes they contained inside the Draft folder worked. I feel silly. I should’ve thought of that. It didn’t even cross my mind to change the compile mode to Draft and not “Current Selection.” You know what is weird though? I mean, this might be confusing, but here goes: My Windows System default language is Portuguese (I am Brazilian and leave it at that for when my parents occasionally want to use my computer – they don’t speak English).

The funny thing is that I changed Scrivener’s language to English, instead of System Language, as was the default. Everything changed to English, but for the original “Draft” folder, the “Trash” folder, and the original “Research” folder, which remained in their respective Portuguese versions in the form of “Rascunho”, “Lixeira”, and “Pesquisa”. It’s been so long since I’ve used Portuguese for anything other than talking at home that I completely forgot that Draft translates to Rascunho. I think that contributed to my confusion and inability to solve this little problem by myself.

Anyway, thank you so much for helping! :slight_smile:

Oh good, I’m glad you’ve got it working again! That will help when going to compile, as well, so that your whole manuscript structure is available.

Yes, changing the language effects parts of the UI like menus and interface label names but won’t change most project-specific items like keywords or labels, since that could be unexpectedly destructive. For new projects created from blank, the Draft, Research, and Trash will use the set language (if there is a translation file provided for it), but they won’t then change if you switch the language after the project is created. However, the reason they’re not is also the way to fix it–these are entirely customizable by you. Just double-click on the title in the binder or select it and use F2 to rename it to whatever you want. :slight_smile: