bug: VeryPDF added as a Windows printer[NOTED]

Scrivener has added a new printer to my computer called “VeryPDF PostScript Writer” and also checked it as the default. My understanding is that VeryPDF is what’s used to generate PDF exports, but Scrivener should be able to do that without adding a new print device to the system.

Which Windows OS are you running? Looking at your screenshot you are running Vista or Windows 7. It hasn’t happened to me and I’m running Vista Home Premium SP1. I compiled to a PDF last night.

I’m on Windows 7 Pro/x64/SP1.


I’m on Win7 (Home premium).
The VeryPDF has been installed to my system too, but NOT set to default printer.

this appears to be fixed in beta 1.9, but is replaced with the problem where Microsoft Word is being used to generate the PDF. my understanding was that Word wasn’t required for PDF compiles in Scrivener.

We are in the process changing this i.e. Scrivener will create it’s own PDFs. Scrivener does not set up default printers. So, I’m not sure why VeryPDF is installed as Default?