Bug vs Wish List Item

When MMD fails to convert a text file to LaTeX, you end up with an empty output file, but no error message to indicate that there was a problem.

Would it be possible to watch stderr when running the pipe that handles the conversion, and displaying an error message if there is a problem?

Scrivener doesn’t have to try and help a user track down their MMD problems, but a warning sign that there was an error would be nice. Displaying the error message would be even better… :wink:

But I’ll take what I can get.

Good suggestion. It was on my list of things to mention, too. I like how TextMate handles it. You get a document with all of the error messages in it. STDERR, I’m guessing from what you are saying. Then you can track down the source of the problem on your own. TextMate doesn’t try to hold your hand, either.