Bug?: Wants .scrtheme Instead of .stheme When Uploading Theme Files

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just a difference between Windows and Mac Scrivener programs, but whenever I try to upload a theme to the Scrivener beta, it wants me to use .scrtheme files instead of the .stheme file that seems to be the norm for theme makers. Apologies if this is something that’s already been cleared up, I tried searching for information about this but came up with nothing helpful.

This is the case for all of my projects, and closing and re-opening Scrivener doesn’t change anything.


  • Beta Version:
  • Windows 10, Version 2004 (according to settings)
  • Using an administrator account
  • Files saved in Dropbox

.stheme is for MacOS Scrivener

They are not compatible with Scrivener for Windows