Bug when changing the label color


Whenever I rename a file in the binder, and then proceed to change its label color, the window showing me the list of labels suddenly slide to the top of the screen until it almost disappear entirely, so that there is no way to click “back” or “done”.

Since this window is still open, the binder and the editor are unresponsive (slightly dimmed), as they should be. This leaves the user with no other option than to force quit Scrivener and reopen it.

This bug happens on portrait and landscape mode, but only when I use Gboard’s “floating keyboard”.

Scrivener version 1.2.1 (2096)
iPadOS 14 and 14.0.1
iPad Pro (4th Gen.)

This bug happens on portrait and landscape mode, whenever I use the “floating keyboard” (iOS or Gboard).

Thanks for the report! I can reproduce the bug once I enable the floating keyboard option. It seems to all work fine with an external keyboard, or the standard slide-in one.

Hi Amber, just fyi I recently noticed this happening to me, even when using an external keyboard. I just sent in a bug report about it as well. Thanks!