[BUG] When compiling for PDF, the indents in the TOC don't show and long lines look ugly


I create my TOCs using the recommended method (select sections in binder > coy special TOC > paste in empty document.

This works fine with ebooks. The TOC is correctly indented and all looks fine.

However, when I compile to PDF, I have two issues:

  1. The TOC content is not indented, all the sections are aligned left, so you lose all the visual element of structure.
  2. When the line is longer than the width of the page, it looks ugly because the long line goes beyoud the page number. The margin should be automatically reduced so that the long line is cut earlier, so that there is never anything that is displayed beyond the page numbers (above or below) as it breaks the look of the TOC.


Have you assigned an “As-Is” Section Layout to the document containing the ToC?

Thanks for your quick reply!

You are correct, I was using a “Table of Contents” layout that was changing the text style. I changed it so that the text is left “as is” and the indentation issue is resolved :slight_smile:

This doesn’t resolve the “too long line” issue, which still doesn’t look right, but it looks a lot better. I could add forced CRs to cause a new line where needed, but then the TOC doesn’t look right in epub, so I hope there will be a way to improve that.