Bug when deleting footnotes - the 'links' pop back in odd places

I will try to explain what I mean. When I remove a footnote the link disappears, as it should.

But as I continue to write the links (blued out and you can click on them) come back covering small and sometimes large areas of my writing.

I have tried highlighting and creating a footnote over those places again, and then again deleting but it works only to have the same thing happen.

I should add that when the links/footnotes pop into my writing, they are NOT actually linked to anything in the footnote section.

Have I explained this properly? I hope so.

Any tips? Is this a known issue?

What version of Scrivener, and with which version of Mac OS?

Just to be clear, when you delete the footnotes you do it by removing the relevant item in the Inspector?


Hi Katherine and thanks for your reply.

Scrivener V 3.2 (14343)
MacOs Catalina V 10.15.7

Hmm. I think so, yes.

The other option would be highlighting on the writing itself and hitting delete…?

If I did that would it, or could it, cause the problem I’m having? I’m just wondering if I have been doing that…I need to check more carefully I guess.