Bug: Whole Text disappears when changing line spacing in Editor

I have some text, which I copied directly from a PDF into the Scrivener editor. When I mark the copied text in the editor an change the line spacing (let’s say to 1.2 ), all the marked text disappears instantly. This can be repaeated.
When I first copy the same text from the PDF into an empty new word document and copy it back from there, the line spacing can be changed normaly and the text stays there.

I can’t replicate that. When I do the same the line spacing changes.

Could you repeat exactly what you are doing, in detail, every click or key pressed? It sounds as if you are replacing the text with something invisible, i.e. the same as if you selected the text and replaced it by starting to write something, just that in your case the “text” replacing the text from your pdf is some invisible character.

I can’t reproduce this either. Perhaps you could post a sample project that shows the issue?