Bug with characters between Mac and Windows

I just downloaded the Beta for Windows and noticed that, when I open one of my pre-existing projects in the Windows version, some of the characters (quotation marks and apostrophes mainly) are replaced with garbled symbols instead.

This is a Windows issue. Are you seeing this everywhere or just in the synopses? It’s to do with them being “smart” quotes, and Lee’s got it on the list to correct.

Seemed to be just in the synopsis. I just wanted to report it because I didn’t find a string on it. Glad it’s being fixed!

Thanks a lot!

Yep, thanks. It’s an extended Unicode problem in the plain-text documents, and I haven’t gotten it up on the Known Bugs list over there yet, but Lee is aware of it. You can probably fix it just by correcting the characters while in Windows, although I realize if you have a lot that could be a pain. You could also use a project find/replace solution to change smart quotes in synopses to straight quotes (you’d need to do that on the Mac) to prevent it happening again.