Bug with Dragon Naturally Speaking's toolbar mode


I use Dragon in the toolbar mode so it sits at the very top of my screen. I only have a 13 inch screen, which may be a contributor to my experience. But the default dialog boxes are so large that I can’t interact with any of the buttons to confirm my selection, because they fall under my Windows taskbar. I also can’t shrink the dialog box from the top, so I can’t just make it smaller and move it.

It made it difficult to even open Scriv the first time I loaded the beta on this computer because I couldn’t the “open” option. :wink:

Hopefully this screenshot illustrates what I mean. Thank you for your help!

Did you try switching the dragon toolbar out of classic mode? That way you regain the full height of the screen for your windows.

Also, in Windows 10, you can set the Taskbar at the bottom to ‘always hide’ which mean s it only pops up if your mouse cursor goes off the bottom of the screen.

Which version of Dragon Naturally Speaking is being discussed. Do you like it?

I miss voice to text. The built in Win 10 seems to turn itself off after any pause in speaking (this only happens with Scrivener, not notepad or MS Office apps, So I have been wondering about buying Dragon - though it is not well reviewed on Amazon.

thanks, Shelly

I use Dragon 13 Pro, and have done since I upgraded to it years ago. It is now ‘unsupported’ and they keep sending me offers to upgrade to D15, or the ‘live service’ web one, but I ignore them.
13 works really well. It is very accurate and I do just about all my writing with it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.