Bug with Find/replace

go to Edit - find. In popup replace a word.
say find “kruin” and replace it for “kruinster”.
push button “replace all”.

There is no direct sign that this is working, or is finished :unamused:

so when pushing it once more.
kruin becomes kruinsterster :blush:

when pushing once more
kruin becomes kruinstersterster :angry:

so next will be kruinsterstersterster

good luck and keep up the good works. :mrgreen:


I wonder if this is associated with the typing issue I mention in https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/new-typing-lags/12025/1. Come to think of it, my problem has happened when the find dialog was open, though I didn’t associate the two at the time. It certainly was open this morning. Incidentally, no console reports with my typing-lag.


I cannot reproduce this. Does this problem occur with the latest beta:


I just tested this and it works fine for me. What version of OS X are you running?

(Mark, I doubt this is related - please see my answer to your thread - and also bear in mind that since changes in the latest beta, console messages will be sent to the Console.log file in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Logs and will not appear in Console.app.)

All the best,

Keith, would it be possible to send messages to both places? I have become so accustomed to just opening the console and searching for “Scrivener” or “backupd” or whatever it is I’m trying to monitor that this is going to be kind of out of my way, and easily forgotten.

No, or I would have had it happen that way - I find it annoying it can’t go to both places too. But I need to get console messages in crash reports for at least the next release so that I can gather some information about an outstanding crasher. After that I’ll most likely stop redirecting console messages again.


Sorry, should have told you…

OS is WinXP uptodate. Language is set to Dutch !. <—might be the bug initiator.
latest version. Scriv 2 021

and cannot find a .log on scriv…

sry :blush:


Ah, you’re in the wrong forum. :slight_smile: This is the Mac OS X bug hunt area (I’m the Mac programmer) - you want the Windows bug hunt area. I’ll move the thread over there so that Lee (the Windows programmer) can take a look.

All the best,

I was wondering when the short-hand for the current windows beta being “Beta 2.0” was going to get confused with the Mac 2.0 betas…