Bug with PDF display in split screen

I have a Mac using the latest OS. When I use Scrivener in split-screen mode, with a text window I’m writing in and a PDF in the other window, and I change the display size of the PDF with pinch-to-zoom or cmnd-+, the PDF disappears and is replaced by a white window. As I increase the size, the PDF tends to disappear, usually until I can only see a thin stripe at the bottom of the window, and then a blank white window. The window around the edges of the PDF is light gray when it’s working correctly, so there’s a visible horizontal line where the PDF ends and the blank white nothing begins. When that happens, I can scroll, but the text is confined to the narrow window, and the white space remains blank. It’s not perfectly consistent, and it seems only to happen with long PDFs (I’m using one now that’s 444 pages) and to happen most when I’m near the bottom of the document. Scrolling sometimes makes the PDF appear and disappear.
There’s no crash, so no bug report. There’s nothing in Console.

That sounds like a known bug in more recent version of OS X.