Bug with Scrivenings separator when compiling

Hello everybody !
My question concern Scrivener 3.1.3.
I have noticed that separators between documents becomes lines break when compiling in .rtf ; and when compiling in .doc or .docx. separators becomes force break before paragraph and replacing the pages break when existing, This took place with NWP 3.0.2 and Pages 8.1. With Word 14.7.7, it’s OK : the separators don’t turns into anything.
It is a Scrivener’s or a Mac’s bug ?
Thank you !

The separators in the output file are defined as part of the Compile format. They are completely independent of the separators that you see in the Editor’s Scrivening’s view.

If the separators are correct in TextEdit (for RTF) and Word (for DOC/DOCX), then Scrivener is behaving correctly. We have no control over what other tools might do when importing these formats.


After checking, it seems that the problem is well on the compile to RTF. Even on Textedit and Word, the separators seems to turn in page break.

What Compile format are you using? What is specified in the Separators pane?


Hello, Katherine !
I find how resolve my issue with Compile Formats>Edit Formats>Default Separators>Files>Separators before and between section>Single return.
Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you a lot and best wishes !