Bug? With Split Window can only open into left (or top) window

When I use split windows and try to navigate to a new document, only the the window to the left (or top if stacked vertically) changes content regardless of what window is selected. Am I doing something wrong here or is this a bug? I thought I just had to click on the split window title bar to give it focus and then click on the binder topic to view it but as mentioned, it always loads in the same split location.

Hmm, not seeing this. What I see is that it works as you think it does: click editor title, clicking documents gets their view in that editor.

Given the problems you’re also seeing with PDFs, could be possible that you’ve somehow got a corrupted Scrivener Options (settings) or even, installation.

I started to explain, but in truth I’m not up to speed on all the details by now, and Scrivener has a lot of Options, which I’m not clear on how to fully reset, though there will be a method. The same is true for fully clearing any old installations and making a fresh install of Beta 23, where probably you don’t need the extras I had to take care of.

Thus just the observation, and then I suspect you need to hear directly from Support, who’s there to help as we know.

Hi Sewwrite,

Please check your selection at Navigate > Binder Selection Affects, as this is the most common reason for this issue.