Bug: Word Count For Each File Displays Zero Upon Startup

This is a writing window display issue.

In version Beta (984254) 64-bit on Windows 10 Home version 1903 O.S. build 18362.959, the word count for each file shows as zero the first time that file is viewed for that session.


  1. Program starts and project opens.
  2. Clicking on a file in the binder opens text to edit.
  3. Word count at the bottom of the edit window shows “0 words”.
  4. Clicking on word count shows actual number of words in the dialog box.
  5. Making a change in the file (e.g., insert, then delete, a space) causes the word count display to change from zero to the count in the dialog box.

The word count displayed at the bottom of the screen will reset to zero the next time the program is started up.

Try ‘File > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes’. Does that make any difference?

Rebuilding the search index did not fix the problem. But one correction and one suggestion:

The correction: The display of zero words only occurs on files that have not been changed since the project was imported. I was incorrect when I said the word count display resets to zero when a new session begins: the displayed word count of edited files is persistent across sessions. My apologies.

The suggestion: When I rebuilt the search index, I was prompted for passwords on various files (which I assume were research materials which were password protected). But the prompt did not supply the file name, so I had to guess at the passwords. Suggest the dialog box prompting for a password during index rebuild display the file name.

What do you mean by “since the project was imported”? You mean the only files displaying a word count of zero are files that you previously imported into the project? What type of files are they?

I personally have never heard of a case where a user is being prompted to enter passwords upon rebuilding search indexes. There’s no built-in password protection in Scrivener for us to fiddle with, so my best guess is this is a system dialogue you’re seeing that has something to do with your computer configuration and not Scrivener.

When I started a new session, the displayed word counts were no longer zero, so I am assuming that rebuilding the indexes fixed whatever the problem was but the display was not updated until the start of the new session.

With regard to your question, the files that displayed zero word count were the text files of my manuscript. The entire project was created in Scrivener 1 for Windows, then imported into Scrivener 3. Each file of the manuscript showed zero words in the bar along the bottom of the editor window, though the dialog box that pops up with word count had a valid word count. As soon as I made an edit to the file, the display changed from zero to the proper word count. Again, your suggestion for rebuilding the index solved the problem but only after closing the program and restarting it.

With regard to passwords and rebuilding the index, does Scrivener open each file to rebuild the index? When I try to open a password-protected file that’s been imported into Scrivener, I get a dialog box:

PDF Password Dialog.jpg

Could you please start a new topic regarding your findings with PDF passwords? I don’t believe that should be happening when rebuilding search indexes so it may be a bug.