Bug: Word Count on MacOS

Bug: Since the new update, I’ve noticed that once I hit about 50K in words, my document stops counting new words. If I select all, it’ll show me the correct word count on the bottom, however, it doesn’t reflect it in my target bar.
I’ve attempted to start new documents, thinking that maybe it was a glitch. So far, it hasn’t help. The glitch has happened four times, as of last night. I tried new projects with the same result. Even cutting some words to see if it changes the over all word count, it does not.
Thousands of words haven’t been documented, and while I can see the actual words, I’m hesitant to continue forward within the same document. I’d rather not accidentally lose all of my work.

I’m running the 3.3.6 software on a MacMini OS Sonoma 14.2.1

Are the “missing” words in the Draft folder?

No. I’ve tried adding and deleting words to known calculated chapters. No change. It’s frustrating.

Is this the NaNoWriMo trial version?

Are the “missing” documents included in the Compile output?

No they aren’t in the Manuscript folder, or no it doesn’t matter?

I don’t believe so. I never signed up for it, just updated to the 3.3.6 version. The missing documents are included in the compline output as well. They are in the manuscript folder. It doesn’t seem to affect the word count tracker if it’s in the ms folder or draft.

Over all, the words are there. Just not showing on the tracker, statistics or writing history.

Hmm. Are you writing exclusively on the Mac, or syncing with another device?