BUG: Zip archival is still faulty for large archives.

I took my huge project, and again attempted to back it up with Scrivener (Using File -> Back Up ->Back Up Now…).

The resulting archive is 30 MB larger than any of the prior two tests (on V19 & 20). However, the “backup file” contains errors, and is likely unusable.

Here’s a screen shot from 7zip’s archive test:

Further, the zip file SHOULD be near 5.33 GB in size, not 4.1 GB.

In addition, while the “backup” was occurring, I happened to monitor Windows’ Temp directory and Task Manager, and some process was writing a 0 byte file there, and during those writes it’s writing to disk (monitored in Task Manager)(filename: “jet” followed by 4 hexadecimal characters, “.tmp”).

Scriv also evidently writes other “jet” files, all empty: Jet1.tmp, jet2.tmp, jet3.tmp. jet3 appeared when the archive was 90% done or so.

Also, randomly during the backup process, the little progress dialog window disappears completely, and then, some dozens of seconds later, reappears.

I ran the thing a second time, and this time, it produced NO output. NO file.

I know the devs replaced the zip algorithm, but it’s still broken for large (>4GB) output files.

Where do you see that they replaced the zip library again since the fix for epub generation? That would have beta 20 IIRC.

That’s the one I’m referring to. This issue with large zip files is not new. I thought (silly me) that while replacing that algorithm they’d have fixed the large files issue as well.

The project backup algorithm is unchanged since v1.9. Please, upload your project in Dropbox(or any other cloud sharing service) and send me a download link to tiho at literatureandlatte dot com. Once I get the project hopefully I will be able to reproduce the problem and help. I must admit we never tested the backup with a >5GB project. A 5GB Scrivener project sounds too much to me, but every user has different needs.

It’s a test project only. I filled scenes with random text and added a bunch of pictures until the project size was huge (11.2 GB). Honestly, I think it’s too large myself, but there ARE people out there who have projects this large (it was reported by some other user than me). Original report is here: [url]When the total size of the project is too large (for example, my Project 11g), it will not be decompressed after compres].

I have PNGs in the “gargantuan” range, and some PDFs that large, too. Put hundreds or thousands of those in Scrivener, and the backup will be humongous.

Zipped project: 5.33 GB. 2 hr upload. It’ll wait until tomorrow.