I don’t know if this is technically a bug, but I work on several different computers between work and home, and Scrivener is not working on a flash drive. The computer I’m on right now for example, won’t even open the program from the flash drive. Other computers will open the program and let me work, but when I move to a different computer, all of the work I did is gone.


Just to clarify, do you have the whole program copied over to your flash drive (i.e. you installed on a computer and then copied the C:\Programs\Scrivener folder to your flash drive) as well as your individual .scriv project folders? And when “all the work is gone” do you mean every time you close and then reopen the project, your edits since the last open are missing? Are you using beta 023?

Thanks for any extra details! Scrivener of course is designed to be installed directly on the main hard drive, so if you own all the computers you’re working on it’s better to go ahead and install on each of those and then just transfer the individual projects via the flash drive (being sure to copy the entire .scriv folder, not just the .scrivx file). But it generally should work from the flash, just not necessarily as quickly. And you certainly shouldn’t be losing work.

Are you talking about a removable USB stick (thumb drive)?

I don’t know if this applies, but one software program I used on a USB stick had users install it on a hard drive and then copy the program file directory (for example, C:\Program Files\Scrivener) to the USB stick.

Not only that, if you weren’t running Windows 7, you had to have Microsoft .NET 2.0 runtimes installed on your computer before you started to install.

To repeat, I don’t know if any of this applies. I’m just throwing it out there in case it sparks a thought in those who know this technology.