Buggy Compile

I have a very simplistic layout. I have about 50 documents separated into 5 top level Section folders.
Level 1 folders are titled with Section title and have no text
Level 1 documents are titled with subsection titles and have text.

Compile Formatting options include title of Level 1 folder and title and text of Level 1 single documents. Nothing is selected on Level 1 multi-documents.

On Compile some subsection titles are immediately followed by a page break (there doesn’t appear to be any consistent reason why or where of the page this break is). On some of those subsection documents, not all the text is included; it chops off at the end of the page, and on the next page starts with the next subsection title and document text.

At first I thought it had something do with HTML links in those documents, but I removed them all and it still happens. Then I thought it had something to do with the first word/letter of those documents starting in italic font and took the italics out. Nope, not that. And some documents that exhibit this behavior have neither one of these characteristics.

Is Compile just really buggy? This is Scrivener 2.6 on Mac OS X 10.10.1.


I believe I found it. Much of this content was copy-pasted from a web site forum. If I accidentally grabbed past the end of the forum content and got the surrounding table, it introduced a 1/8" indent to my Scrivener document. When I recopy and make sure I don’t extend into the table of the forum post, then it seems to work.

So my question now is, do I need to delete and re-copy each of the affected documents or is there a way to “fix” the 1/8" indent?


Two commands might be helpful here.

You can use the Format -> Text -> Copy/Paste Ruler commands to copy the ruler from a correctly formatted paragraph to one that is misbehaving. (Use Format -> Show Ruler if needed.)

Or you can use the Format -> Text -> Increase/Decrease Indents submenu to adjust the indents for a specific text selection.