Bugs affecting the composition mode on beta

In this post I wanted to report a bug with the screen background of the compile mode. It’s the first time I’ve tried to change it, so I don’t know if this is specific of this version or has already been said, or if it’s something I’m doing wrong and not a bug. Anyway, the thing is that I have tried to change the background texture to use an image from the PC gallery, but it won’t show (it keeps showing the default dark blue) don’t matter how many times I restart Scrivener.
Can someone help with that?

Are you attempting this through View > Composition Mode Backdrop? Or another way?

Also, are you using the Default theme or have you changed it to something like Dark Mode?

I’m using the default theme (although I did personalise some appearance things in older versions of the beta), and I was trying to change it through Options > Appearance > Colors > Composition mode > Screen background.
I tried doing it the way you suggested just now and it doesn’t work either.

Are you able to change to other images, either in that directory or elsewhere? In other words, does this affect particular images or is it a general issue?

I’d say it’s a general issue.

Has the new beta version fixed your issue, or are you still unable to set a background image for Compostion mode?

If it helps, I’ve tested this in Beta 18 and it works for me

It works now :smiley: