Bugs affecting the editor on beta

I’ve been having a couple of problems with this version, I will separate them in different threads as I don’t think they are actually related.
The first issue I’ve encountered since I first started using this version is that every time that I restart Scrivener, the documents I had been working on are in bold. Once I correct that, the bold key stays selected (although the new text is written in regular font).
This doesn’t seem to happen with documents I haven’t edited since before I switched from the last version to this one, but it does affect all the docs I edited ever since.

Which font are you using? Or is this happening with multiple fonts?

I was using the font Dutch 809 (I downloaded it, it wasn’t one of the default fonts). I’ve checked if it also happens with the pc’s default fonts, and it doesn’t (I haven’t tried all of them though). Then I checked if with other downloaded fonts happens too, and it seems to depend of the font (for example, with New Aster there appears to be the same issue, but not with Belgrano).
Maybe it’s something related with the way I installed them?