Bugs in iOS!!!!!

Just found these!!

I’m not suggesting this, but if you dip your device in a bucket of Roundup™ several times and then do a full restart, after burying it in a bowl of jasmine long grain rice for two days, does the problem go away?



:blush: :open_mouth: Wot kind of filth is this!!?
Is this evidence of the spread of the Cameron Syndrome!! … putting ones devices in to the mouths of deceased piggies!! In the name of all we hold sacred!! Stop now! Desist sir! Desist!
Next thing we know, you’ll be extolling the virtues of all things Microsoft. tch!tch!
Alas … 'tis no more than we have been conditioned to expect from Scriv’s debauched and feckless moderators.

Scoundrel? Moi? :open_mouth:

The bugs will overthrow us all at one point. Daemons are demons…

Not to go all Editor or anything, but Roundup™ is an herbicide, and Vic K’s bugs look decidedly exoskeletony. Suggest a change toward a broad-spectrum insecticide like Sevin, if you don’t mind your grandchildren growing fins, or Spinosad, if you expect your grandchildren to be un-ironically named Rainbow and/or Xanadu.

Wot!? :open_mouth: I thought they looked like creepy crawlies!

I really need to get glasses. I thought it was a campaign pic from the republicans primary elections.

:open_mouth: Yeah!! Y’re right! There’s not a lot to choose between them, is there?

Pretty funny – and not untrue either :wink:

But if you want to get rid of a lot of bugs, and see a speedup you really want on older devices like the iPad 2, upgrade to iOS 9.3.3 – just out a few days ago.

Especially for Scrivener, no doubt, as it runs like a young horse when you use this…