bugs on OS X 10.10

I’m having the following issues. They may be related to the Mac itself, but if you could help, I’s appreciated it.

  1. Clicking on a file name in binder mode, the flag, status, dropbox doesn’t open.
  2. I can’t get it to delete to the left without holding down the fn key.


  1. Not sure what your problem is, can you explain it in more detail. If you want to see the outline selected from the binder, View Menu -> Outline ⌘3

  2. This is just how Macs have always worked, you need to get used to placing your cursor at the end of what you want to delete not at the beginning. If Fn+← is too unwieldly and you still want to use delete, there is software like the free Karabiner than IIRC can remap this to something easier like shift+←

Macs also support Emacs-style keybindings at a very simple level. Ctrl-H is equivalent to backspace on Windows, and much easier to press than Fn+delete.

Forgive me, I’m not in fine form this morning. :oops:

Isn’t it just as easy to press the backspace key on a Mac as it is to press CTRL H? Also CTRL H (on my Macs) deletes backwards, whereas fn delete (fn backspace) deletes forwards. Are US settings different? Or have I completely misunderstood? :frowning:

Ctrl-D! Not Ctrl-H. While I was writing that I had in my head the old geek joke of erasing what you just said^H^H^H^Hwrote. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks for that. :smiley: