Bugs rephrase and the speach doesn't work

I purchase this and now the rephrase and the speach doesn’t work. can someone tell why they stopped working soon as i purchased it?

What exactly did those “rephrase” and “speach” features do? Before they stopped working after purchasing “it” (Scrivener?) :thinking: I’m confused…

If by “rephrase” you mean speech to text (you talk and it types), that is not a feature of Scrivener.
It is built in the OS (Windows). …And I myself could never get this piece of * to work for more than a few seconds (tried across a couple of computers over time, too).
But it ain’t Scrivener’s fault.

It always works fine the first time you run it, and then that’s it.
If you seriously want such a tool, look for Dragon. (Expensive)
Or use google docs and copy/paste into scrivener. (Free)

Rephrase would give like up 6 suggestions to reword my sentence. Like if I had type “A breeze softly blew small white waves across the water as Kayla lay watching the off-white clouds dance across the sky.” Rephrase would suggest up 6 like “Kayla lay still, mesmerized by the sight of the small white waves rippling across the water’s surface, while a cool breeze gently blew across her face and the off-white clouds above danced playfully across the sky.” But now it doesn’t and keep trying it says I did use up my daily rephrases. (which I think is 10 daily rephrase)

Speech or speaking would read book out loud which made ease in proof reading. but also stop working. so now I have to copy to Microsoft Word to read out loud.

Ah, OK.
But that is not a feature of Scrivener. (I didn’t even know there was such a thing at all… – Aside A.I., of course.)

Can you please (for starters) confirm that you indeed run the Windows version ?

You’ve used up your demo of whatever it is. That’s not a bug in Scrivener.

Text to speech is another thing. (Handled by the OS.) Perhaps we could assist with that, but that’s not a Scrivener bug either. There could be two causes : wrong setting in Scrivener, wrong setup in the OS.

Prowiter’said has a rephrase feature and can integrate with scrivener but must click pwa on.

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