Bugs with table editing [BUG LOGGED]

My stats:

Windows XP Pro SP3
Pentium 4 2.80 ghz

Several table-related bugs:

  1. Typing very quickly inside a table cell will lag Scrivener for many seconds to minutes until you switch to another window and back to Scrivener. Then it’ll auto-speed-type the rest of your text… maybe. If not, just wait longer, it’ll eventually put the rest of the text there.

  2. If you have text outside the table but the entire text is in the same font as the table (Verdana), then highlight the not-table-text and drag-and-drop to a table cell, the font inexplicably changes.

  3. If a card has a table in it and you duplicate it via corkboard, the cell with the longest amount of text in it will be highlighted black in both the original and duplicated cards.

  4. I can’t seem to change the width of table cells.

I think the lag with typing seems to be prevalent for most people, regardless of what they are doing with the program when typing.

Does doing this make the program lag for you?

I am unable to replicate this. Are you 100% certain that the fonts are exactly the same?

I also cannot replicate this, but I notice that the duplicate seems to have changed the font size of the original table.

Will probably need a bit more testing. Could you replicate this issue more than a few times?

Neither can I.

No, but I followed the OP’s extensive testing steps and it seems like the more folders I have, the more noticeable the lag becomes. However, the extreme lag that I report is from typing within tables themselves.

Aha. I see your point - this is a different bug completely. Try this instead:

Create a new table. All cells should be Verdana (or some other font, we’ll use Verdana for now). Click outside the table and type some text, which is also probably Verdana. Save and close the project, and exit Scrivener completely.

Open Scrivener again. Go back to that table… empty cells are now another font, which would explain why the copy-paste was in the other font. I didn’t pay close enough attention the first time around, but this is definitely reproducible on my end now.

Not reliably. Scrivener will only do the highlighting trick sometimes. I’ve yet to pin down exactly what causes it to do the sporadic highlighting.

I have not been able to duplicate items 1-3 using the latest beta 1.2. See this link to download if you have not already [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/29th-oct-current-beta-1-2-is-version-here/8733/1]

We are working on improving the performance of text refresh and display - so, hopefully when we do upload a fix it will resolve this issue.

Changing cell width is a bug that does need to be fixed however.